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Qingdao Yuansheng Optical Technology Co., Ltd is located in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao, Huangdao District, Is a high-tech company and established in August 2010, the company address: Wang Tai Zhen Wang Huang 1 Road Yuansheng Industrial Park, Huangdao District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China. Stock No: 839417 Established Qingdao Yuansheng Optoelectronic Technology Salt City Co., Ltd. On September 18, 2017. Address: C-3building Yandu Yanlong Street Intelligent Terminal Industrial Park Phase 3 Yancheng city , registered capital 50 million.

  • 一、Warehouse custody personnel female

    Requirements: 1835 years old, female, can operate financial ERP software, warehouse management-more than years, college, 3000-4000 yuan / month

  • 二、Electrical equipment maintenance male

    Request: age 18-35 years old, male, equipment electrical maintenance-more than years, college, 3000-4000yuan / month

  • 三、CNC technical male 1


    1. Technical secondary school or above, major is not limited.

    2. 1 year experience in ECNC operation, able to handle abnormal problems in production, proficient in commissioning, repair and maintenance of CNC equipment.

    3. Proficient in CAD,mastercam programming software:

    4. Glass cover CNC experience is preferred

  • 四、Quality inspectors 5 female

    Position requirements: 

    1. According to the companyundefineds quality standards, the companyundefineds glass lens products for inspection, careful work.

    2. Engaged in more than one year of qc quality inspection preferred, good vision requirements.

  • 五、Workshop operator 10

    Requirements: age of 18-35 years old, men and women are not limited to have glass cover plant work experience priority admission, long day classes out of the purchase! Company pay and benefits. 

    1. Salary: average salary 2500-5500 yuan / month (basic wage performance wage post subsidy) into insurance.

    2. Welfare: traditional festivals have gifts and dinner activities, there are quarterly awards, no annual Thanksgiving banquet, annual awards.

    3. The company provides free accommodation.

    4. Working environment: central air conditioning, sitting operation!

Registration must: 1.please bring the second generation ID card and photocopy 2; inch color photo 4 to the company interview. Resume delivery

Contact : Mrs Gao:18562821699  Mr Gao13864237875


Add: C-3building  Yandu Yanlong Street Intelligent Terminal Industrial Park Phase 3 Yancheng city