2010Established Qingdao YUANSHENG Co., Ltd.

2011Supply to China Mobile & China Unicom.

2012Supply to BYD, Hisense,Datang Telecom,Wingtec,Capa Incresed to 1kk/Month.

2013Join HP Tablet Project. start study on graphene conductive film of carbon nanotubes corperate with research institute of Chinese academy sciences

2014Passed Supplier Audit of Goertek ,Capa increased to 2.5kk/M.

2015Smart wear, 3D hot bending glass, capacitive electromagnetic touch panal machine, become SONY, Huawei, military's supplier

2016Mainly focus on smart wear,Car navigation and pass supplier audit of panasonic,Token,Visionox .Preparing Graphene Conductive Film process. Landing on new third board on sep.2016

2017Received BYD big amount order, pass supplier audit of donghua software.Established Jiangsu Yancheng branch company.

2018Extended Huawei smartwatch, BYD, the Great Wall car navigation, products exported to Korea, military and civil fusion exhibition, enter sample phrase of polyimide (PI) touch display module.