Patent No Name Type
2014207737283 Adjustable transmittance car visor Invention type
201510260471.0 Large-size capacitor electromagnetic integrated touch device Invention type
201520054593X Nano silver OPS (single layer acrylic) touch screen technology Utility model
2015101083720 Manufacturing process of G1F structure capacitive touch screen Invention type
201420859694x Flexible capacitive touch screen made of nano silver conductive film material Utility model
201320441356.X Projection capacitive touch screen with RF ID function Utility model
201710345580.1 Information display machine and interaction method Invention type
201710361846.1 Plasma graphene nano silver conductive film and manufacturing process thereof Invention type
201510254721x Production process for bending glass bending Invention type
201710262716.2 Method for preparing nano silver graphene coated conductive film and conductive film thereof Invention type
201320441554.6 Projected capacitive touch screen Utility model
201320445813.2 Projected capacitive touch screen with electrodes and wires made of extremely thin metal wires Invention type
201320441545.7 3D laser engraving machine Utility model
201320357519.6 Three anti-projection capacitive touch screen Invention type